NQcontent for the .NET Framework

Following a 10 year history in delivering successful cross platform solutions based on ColdFusion, NQcontent has announced the availability of the .NET Framework version of their award winning Content Management System.

The new system runs under Microsoft’s Internet Information Server as a .NET Framework assembly residing in the .NET Global Assembly Cache (GAC), offering true native .NET platform deployment.

.NET developers can immediately take advantage of the advanced Content Management features of NQcontent and mix in with existing .NET code, libraries and components developed by them or the well established .NET developer community.

Running as part of the .NET Framework opens up new possibilities for extending the core CMS features of the system with natively supporting Active Directory for security and single sign on and tighter integration with Microsoft applications such as delivery of web services, usage of ASPX based modules or Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint Services, integration with ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS) for delivering next-generation interfaces using reusable ajax components, and more.

Although NQcontent .NET had been implemented mostly on Intranets prior to its official announcement, Marfin Laiki Bank has recently launched it’s new eTrading system to the public. The new system uses NQcontent .NET as the core engine for content delivery under a newly developed fully interactive – AJAX driven interface. The system integrates information that resides on separate systems such as the Stock Market for real-time prices, Stockwatch for up to the minute financial news and reports and the Bank’s backend systems that carry out the trading functions. Given that the Bank had already strategically chosen Microsoft platforms and that existing backend systems are developed using the .NET Framework, the new solution needed to be a native .NET application and run under existing Microsoft based infrastructure. The new eTrading system can be found at https://ebank.laiki.com/eTrading/index.aspx?lang=en

With more .NET projects already in the pipeline, NQcontent believes that the new edition of the award winning Web Content Management System will be soon enjoying the success within the .NET community while extending its user base beyond the traditionally supported ColdFusion and J2EE platforms.