Two New Websites for South West Regional Assembly

Based on the success of the launch of South West Regional Assembly’s website, NQcontent was contracted to develop two new websites, the first, ‘Just Connect’ is aimed at encouraging organizations in the south west of England that want to improve partnership working and integration. This is part of the Integrated Regional Strategy launched by the Regional Assembly and is designed to support an overall strategy for areas such as population growth, environment, the economy and equality.   

The second site for SWRA's Learning and Development (L&D) team provides an e-learning tool used for managing progress of training courses. L&D provide a range of courses for local government; from animal welfare, to health and safety, to highway maintenance and trading standards. The site is an extranet used for managing progress of course participants and can be used for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) purposes and provides the following features:

  1. Administrators can register students, create courses, topics, evaluation criteria and specify review rules and decide which tutor review's which part of each course.
  2. Learners can see the courses they have registered and see which topics they need to submit coursework for.
    Learners can also see when a tutor has downloaded their work and is pending evaluation. The student can see their score together with comments. They can see a full history of work submitted, whether they have passed the course or course section or have failed or need to submit more evidence etc.
  3. Tutors can see work submitted against each course that they are reviewing/marking. They can download submitted work and then post the grade and comments.
  4. Internal and external verifiers can also login with an overview role as part of internal and external audit process. They can see what’s happening within the system, i.e. work submitted and how each tutor marks and comments and selectively verify the process is working to the correct standards.