NQcontent v2.5 Enterprise released

For immediate release

Netquest announce today the release of an enhanced enterprise version of its award winning Web Content Management Solution, NQcontent. The latest version, NQcontent V2.5 Enterprise, introduces a number of new features designed for enterprise scalability.

Alex Odysseos, Netquest CEO said: "It is clear that as more people need to collaborate in content lifecycle management, some of our corporate clients such as the Central Bank Of Cyprus need more sophisticated workflow and version control and to scale the platform across the enterprise. Hence the release of NQcontent V 2.5 Enterprise.

We've always been able to approve content before publication, but now with the new Enterprise edition our customers can have advanced parallel workflow and in depth version control as well. NQcontent now also includes the ability to centrally manage access to NQcontent from one location using LDAP support. Enhanced WYSIWYG editing with eWebeditPro 3.0 integration. Extended Digital Asset Management support. Enhanced preservation of formatting for Word and Excel documents and Japanese and Chinese "double-byte" character set support using UTF-8 character encoding.

NQcontent V 2.5 Enterprise also makes it possible to link and manage remote data sources from across the web, this sort of functionality can transform projects that would otherwise be considered outside the scope of a typical CMS. Most content management vendors simply don’t regard data management as a part of their portfolio, but we know that most customers need to manage data as well as content online.

Of course the real value of NQcontent to our customers is the shear speed and simplicity that NQcontent gives them to develop and manage their websites. With our full support of MacroMedia ColdFusion MX, web developers can deliver new web products quickly and easily. Web developers love it because NQcontent is designed to help them rapidly deliver content driven sites and take full advantage of all the features of ColdFusion MX. NQcontent takes care of the repetitive tasks in web site development and makes it possible for developers to focus on enhancing site functionality.

We're proud of the way NQcontent is making it possible for customers to deliver dynamic ebusiness projects quickly. With NQcontent V2.5 Enterprise edition they have even greater scalability and robustness to rely on as their ebusiness grows"