NQcontent Solution for Corporate Websites

NQcontent is the power behind successful corporate websites

Your website is the world's gateway to your products and services. You need to deliver information with clarity and accuracy whilst supporting the corporate identity. Your customers, partners and stakeholders want to access timely and relevant information, that may be secure and personal to them.

Tying the pieces of information together from different departments, ensuring support for business processes and productivity while enforcing brand consistency - these are all part of good content management. 

For organisations operating on a global scale in multiple languages, the need is to maintain consistency of the corporate brand and style, but at the same time provide a local online experience tailored to the needs of the local audience.

The solution
NQcontent Solution for Corporate Websites offers a combination of NQcontent web content management software and professional services. NQcontent CMS and NQcontent people will make sure that your website(s) will support your sales, accelerate business processes, improve online efficiencies and provide high customer satisfaction.


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NQcontent Solution

For global sites, NQcontent enables multiple language entry both centrally and locally. Multiple localised websites can be delivered with a standard or individual look and feel. Content and other functions, can be mixed and matched to meet the balanced needs of the global and local operation. NQcontent can be integrated with automatic or manual translation services, and manages all content translation workflow.

NQcontent multilingual Includes:

  • Multiple websites with central and/or local content control
  • Completely Web Browser based, intuitive simple content entry
  • Permissions based Security
  • Global single or parallel workflow
  • Global Organisational and departmental telephone directory
  • Central and Local Multi-lingual content input
  • Members only website access
  • Management of Contact, forms etc
  • Form contacts i.e. prospective customers, captured in database
  • Simple and Advanced Conceptual Search
  • Document management
  • Dynamic Events Calendar
  • FAQ help
  • Optional Meta tagging interface for organisational information taxonomy
  • Optional support for WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) levels II and III


  • Efficient expansion of global web presence
  • Speed to market of web initiatives
  • Organisational flexibility to respond to local markets
  • Effective balance of central and local resources

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