Pricing / Licensing

NQcontent V3 flexible and modular architecture enables enterprises of any size to implement NQcontent at a cost that meets their immediate budget, but at the same time ensure their investement is future-proof as future needs must be accommodated.

Customers can select one of the two product editions available as well as a variety of add-on product modules  that are suitable or are required for their web application implementation.

NQcontent licensing includes NQcontent WCM Core Module  for one development and one production server. Additional functionality modules can be purchased at the beginning or at a future stage when as needs grow. The initial NQcontent license comes with 10 operator seats. Operator seats can be added at any time in the future.

One-year and two-year subscription plans are also available to ensure your system is upto date with the latest features and fixes.

To find out more about our pricing details contact with your project details.

Note: Web server hardware, Operating System, Web server or Application Server software, Internet connection, and Database server licenses are not included with NQcontent license purchase.


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