Case Study: IGA website


  • NQcontent V2 Enterprise
  • Operating System: Windows 2000
  • Application Server: ColdFusion MX
  • Database Server: Microsoft SQL 2000

Customer Profile

The International Glaucoma Association (IGA) is a non profit charitable organization based in London with the remit of providing information and support for people that suffer with Glaucoma. Glaucoma is the name given to a group of conditions in which the optic nerve is damaged where it leaves the eye.

The IGA recognises that Glaucoma Sufferers are not bound by geography and is therefore expanding its operations to try and help more people with this debilitating disease across the Globe. IGA’s goal is to increase global revenues to support people with Glaucoma.


The new global IGA site was completely redesigned to offer a single entry point for any visitor from any country in their own language. Each visitor can access relevant information in their own language and interact through discussion forums, view events, correspond through forms, donate online, purchase goods, etc.

From IGA’s perspective they have a web content management environment where content can either be added centrally in any language or by local content input by experts in their preferred language. The user interface is very intuitive as many global users are academics that need to be able to input information on an occasional basis without the need for extensive training. The system provides workflow for the approval of content and multiple roles for content input, system and site administration. All content is only entered once and automatic text only versions are created. Graphic images are managed through NQcontent’s Asset Management and large images are either automatically resized to suit web download times or available in a separate pop up window for a detailed online viewing.

All detailed information on interactions with visitors to the website such as contact forms or online purchasing or donations is automatically captured and entered in a database for later analysis. Authentication for Credit Cards, donations and purchases are all completed online. Through the provision of banner management, IGA is able to add sponsors banners where needed on the site at click of a button.


Across the globe, there are world experts in Glaucoma and reference information from medical libraries in many countries. People that want to support IGA in its aims, wish to access this expertise and information, they also want to donate to the charity, purchase IGA branded goods, attend events, and discuss current issues. All this can of course be done online. However, special attention is needed to ensure that content online is available in all the required global languages and that it is highly accessible to the visually impaired.


IGA identified that a key global delivery mechanism for information, discussion, support and fund raising for IGA’s prime goal is the world wide web. Therefore a project was commenced early 2004 to launch a series of new global websites that would support this goal.

IGA also need a core platform that could be extended over time as Glaucoma experts and new organizations in different countries joined with the expanding IGA partnership network.


IGA now have a platform that provides an organized and efficient method of delivering their global plans. Without the dynamic NQcontent management environment it would be practically impossible to deliver the information globally in the time required to support IGA’s aims.

  • Significantly reduced costs of maintaining and updating IGA’s websites.
  • New vibrant international community able to access the information needed
  • Non-technical people across the globe can independently create and produce online content, while maintaining the uniform look and feel of IGA’s Web presence.
  • Better online content, improved organization and consistent design helps ensure Web site visitors of quick and easy access to the information they want.

Future Plans

Why NQcontent

Many software companies could offer IGA part of their online solution, such as multilingual content input, or an ecommerce solution, or discussion forums, or expertise in W3C WAI (World Wide Web Accessibility Initiative) but only NQcontent supported by the expertise of our partner PureBlue Creative, could provide the complete solution for IGA.


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