Hi-Grade plc

Hi-Grade Computers was founded on the premise of supplying high-quality products and services direct to customers. NetQuest undertook to develop the UK  and Cypriot corporate web sites for Hi-Grade, with an NQcontent back office that would allow the maintenance of the sites to be done in-house by Hi-Grade.  In addition to the extensive content that can be found on the site (corporate information, news releases, events, support information, etc.), the sites also provide users with the ability to buy customised products via the site over a secure connection (SSL).  This functionality is provided by the NQcontent e-commerce extension, the major features of which include shopping cart, cookies per user for future retrieval of cart items, shipping options table, shipping rates table, orders table, customers table, order status, customer membership (login/password) and checkout stepped process.

Application Type: Internet,Extranet


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