Robert Gordon University

This project which was won through a competitive tendering process involved the implementation of an extranet virtual learning campus. The main focus of the site is to allow University Lecturers to create, publish and share ‘learning objects’ i.e. documents, web content, presentations etc. NQcontent manages the back office workflows and the web delivery to the student.   The site build is in its final stages of delivery and is scheduled to go live later this year.

Application Type: Intranet,Extranet
  • Case Study: Learning Management System
    In summary, NQcontent provides dynamic management and delivery of all types of content in a controlled and structured way. Core development modules for a virtual campus and interactive learning are available. In addition NQcontent’s ADDF (Advanced Development and Distribution Framework) provides the structure and security mechanisms to create new frameworks and learning environments and integration with existing data and applications.


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