NQcontent Benefits

This section describes how NQcontent helps everyone involved in the content management life-cycle.

From webmasters and technical people to content authors and management, NQcontent simplifies tasks related to all those involved, ensuring high Return On Investment and exceptionally fast time-to-web.

For content authors

  • NQcontent authoring tools are designed for non-technical users
  • Authoring is performed within the template where content is displayed. No access to the backoffice is required for everyday tasks such as adding, editing and getting content approved
  • 100% web-based interface means that (firewall security policies permitting) content authors have access to the system from remote locations
  • Feature-rich WYSIWYG editor that can be used as a standalone formatting tool but thanks to its tight integration with Microsoft Word, content authors may optionally choose to write content directly within MS Word
  • Personalised work-area for pending tasks
  • Content versioning and rollback ensures mistakes can be easily undone or rectified
  • Active linking technology ensures that content owners are notified of broken hyperlinks within their content
  • Templating system using Stylesheets ensures that formatting of content is both consistent across the site and transparent to content authors
  • Built-in image resizing technologies ensure that content authors do not need specialised image manipulation tools. Images are uploaded in high resolution but automatically optimised for web usage
  • Automatic control over maximum image dimensions ensures that content authors can use images in their content without fear that images may break the design
  • Under Virtual Staging Server mode, the system shows content as it is written and within the templates that it will be displayed. This ensures full control over how content will appear once it is approved
  • Security controlled content areas mean that content authors are only shown the areas to which they have access to
  • Check-in/Check-out functionality ensures that only one person can work on the same content item at any one time thus preventing accidental overwriting of content by other users
  • Automated reminders, alerts and e-mail notifications to content authors ensure smoother workflows
  • Content re-purposing ensures that content is authored once but can be displayed on multiple publication channels, without any intervention from content authors

For web masters

  • Full control on authoring and publication cycle
  • Site-wide consistency of corporate styles
  • Full control over site structure and how this can be extended
  • Active linking technology and integrated broken hyperlink reporting ensures content validity
  • Automatic resizing and reformatting of images ensures authors cannot "break" design by using images of inappropriate dimensions
  • 100% web-based interface for system maintenance tools means that system can be administered from anywhere, subject to firewall restriction policies
  • Simplified authoring interfaces mean faster training to non-technical users and less support calls
  • Separation of content from design ensures content can be re-purposed within the site or syndicated to external sites
  • Roles based security means that access rights can be devolved away from the webmaster and into the hands of organisation departments, each responsible for access privilleges within their section


For systems administrators

  • Granular security model
  • Build any type of workflow and approval processes (sequential, parallel)
  • 100% web-based administrative tools
  • LDAP and Active Directory security integration
  • Operator’s Activity Reporting
  • Content analysis and reporting
  • Easily schedule administrative tasks with e-mail alert notifications and logs
  • Simplified backup and restore mechanisms ensure that routine maintenance can be easily incorporated into existing policies

For IT managers

  • Available for the Microsoft .NET Framework or J2EE architecture
  • MS SQL Server and Oracle Support
  • Multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Solaris)
  • Easy third party application integration
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Can be deployed on clustered environments for high availability/high load handling
  • Easy backup, restore and system maintenance
  • System reports availability and alerts
  • High performance, low processing power requirements

For business executives

  • Open standards Web Content Management System. Ensures future-proofing your investment
  • Scalable, Interoperable and able to integrate with existing or new applications and systems
  • Integrated tools for everyone involved: from developers/designers to content authors and webmasters
  • Flexibility, modular architecture and the functionality to address all web development and publishing needs ensure high ROI and low TCO
  • Comprehensive platform that can facilitate any current and future enterprise needs
  • Advanced reports on work process, operator’s activity, and security issues
  • Complies to Government Standards and W3C Accessibility Guidelines
  • Integrated tools for e-GIF compliance and meta tagging support for GCL, LGCL, LGSL

For designers

  • No design limitations, creative freedom
  • Style consistency rules guarantee no mistakes in look and feel
  • Template-based
  • Automatic image resizing and re-formatting ensures content authors cannot "break" your design by using excessively big images
  • Separation of content from design ensures different formatting / styles can be applied to the same content
  • Focus on design and layout and not the content

For developers

  • Robust and powerful application framework
  • Flexible and comprehensive object-oriented API
  • Available for the Microsoft .NET Framework or J2EE architecture
  • Template-based architecture
  • MS SQL Server and Oracle support
  • Content-type modeller
  • Workflow modeller, content versioning, audit-trail
  • Flexible security framework and role-based access rights
  • Multi-channel, multi-lingual, multi-site publishing
  • Unleash your talent by focusing on the implementation and not with typical CMS issues
  • Share, re-use and distribute content site-wide
  • Syndication of content  to and from other sites simplified
  • Comprehensive tutorials, examples, and ready-made template set


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