NQcontent Overview

NQcontent web content management platform enables organizations to rapidly develop, deploy and maintain custom, content-rich dynamic sites and web applications. NQcontent WCM standards-based open platform offers a comprehensive and modular suite of services that enables enterprises to streamline their business processes and effectively collect, produce, share, organize, manage and distribute content to any user anywhere at any time.


NQcontent WCM is suitable for all organizations of any size as its modular and flexible framework can accommodate all the basic to the most demanding enterprise needs. It is suitable for all web application types (Internet, Intranet, Extranet) while it can facilitate any type of project size, complexity or industry, from typical corporate brochure-ware sites to complex publication, e-business, e-government applications.

NQcontent WCM application modules

NQcontent V3 consists of 6 comprehensive content management related modules, thus making NQcontent V3 modular and flexible to accommodate all enterprise needs.

NQcontent WCM Core Module
NQcontent Core Services include all the essential content authoring and distribution tools and functionality to accommodate the most demanding needs. These services include web content management, digital asset management, granular and robust security framework, workflow, content versioning, rollback and audit-trail and other.

Reporting and Analysis Module
Qcontent Reporting and Analysis Services allow business managers, technical administrators and content analysts to effectively analyze the whole business cycle of content management. It consists of two major components, the Operator’s Activity Reporting component, and the Content Reporting component.

Application Development and Distribution Framework (ADDF)
NQcontent enables rapid development, integration and distribution of business applications through the advanced set of components that the ADDF offers. Such components include advanced web-forms builder, database record reporting and viewing and management, application distribution via a secure and versatile framework and more.

Personalization Module
NQcontent Personalization Services enable a secure and personalized online access to all or any types of services, applications and content that resides on the NQcontent implementations. It is suitable for e-business applications, portal applications, publication sites, and other.

Scheduler Module
NQcontent scheduler module allows developers and system administrators to automate several WCM tasks. Administrators can setup automatic archiving rules, backup policies, user management policies, indexing policies, log management, and other.

Extensibility Modules
NQcontent platform offers a variety of extensibility modules which are useful and widely used applications integrated with its core functionality. Such modules include LDAP/Active Directory connector, e-commerce extensions, banner-ad campaign management, newsletter publication tools, online poll manager, and others. Furthermore, a variety of out-of-the-box modules, suitable for vertical-industries, are available and can be fine-tuned and extended thus enabling accelerated development and deployment.


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