Public Websites / Internet

Managing your web sites and content in real-time.

Your internet site is the world’s window on your organisation. Early internet sites provided static brochure-ware only, but today’s websites need to reflect today’s dynamic organisation. Today business can operate in real time; adapting quickly to new opportunities, providing up to date accurate information, interacting dynamically with clients, prospective customers, partners and shareholders.

NQcontent gives business people controlled access to information across and within your organisation in a secure and managed way. NQcontent provides the dynamic web content management environment and processes to deliver information securely down to the data level.

Only NQcontent combines:

  • Content Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Document Management
  • Data Management

to enable the management of all your structured and unstructured information online.

Doing Business online

Internet sites can now incorporate e-commerce, e-forms, rich Internet, documents and real time data feeds. NQcontent is at the center of enabling you to deliver and manage all these functions in a secure and controlled way. NQcontent helps maximize your resources, by enabling each individual to focus on their strengths in delivering your online business.

NQcontent’s component based architecture makes it possible to deliver new highly functional websites quickly and easily. The reuse of functions and content makes it possible to maximize new business opportunities or easily try new business initiatives.

NQcontent extranet, intranet, internet and portal can all be managed from a single integrated back office environment allowing the sharing of content data, documents, news, research, diaries etc. Departments and staff can easily create private secure web areas and have complete control over which content can be shared. 


  • Cost effective, rapid delivery of new websites
  • Improved organisation efficiency in managing content for website(s)
  • Optimal use of internal skills and resources
  • Separate design, content editing and web development for new site creation
  • Deliver the right information to the right audience at the right time
  • Adapt to new business opportunities quickly