Extending your business reach through a web extranet.

An extranet can be a powerful and personal communication channel for your business partners, prospective clients and customers to enable them to interact in an extended and confidential way. You can provide preferred information that supports improvements in business relationships. Extranet users can access information and interact with internal departments in a controlled way, speeding up and enhancing their information access.

Extranets can be used to communicate company information which could include:

  • Exchanging Documents
  • Publishing Sensitive News
  • Developing and Sharing Training Programs
  • Providing Technical or Commercial data

and a range of other information with partners and other companies. The information can be tailored to individuals depending on what privileges they have been assigned during set up. All the information is secure and only available to those who have been given password access.

NQcontent Extranet provides an intuitive web based environment for communication and collaboration with your organisation's,

  • Stakeholders
  • Clients
  • Partners
  • Prospective Clients

NQcontent extranet, intranet and internet can all be managed from a single integrated back office environment allowing the sharing of content data, documents, news, research, diaries etc. Departments and staff can easily create private secure web areas and have complete control over which content can be shared.