NQcontent is a powerful Web Content Management System (CMS) that enables Government and private sector organisations to create websites, intranets, extranets and portals – easily, rapidly and cost-effectively.

It has a powerful application development and integration framework for enabling sites that are not only easy to create, implement and manage, but also meet compliance standards for usability and accessibility.

NQcontent provides more out-of-the-box functionality than any other CMS and is designed to meet the specific requirements of a number of sectors, from Government to corporate websites.

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  • NQcontent Government
    NQcontent Government is a powerful Web Content Management System (CMS) that enables public sector organisations, from local authorities to central Government departments, to create websites, intranets, extranets and portals – easily, rapidly and cost-effectively.
  • NQcontent Solution for Corporate Websites
    Your website is the world's gateway to your products and services. You need to deliver information with clarity snd accuracy whilst supporting the corporate identity. Your customers, partners and stakeholders want to access timely and relevant information, that may be secure and personal to them.
  • Solutions for Education and e-Learning
    NQcontent Education helps Universities and Colleges create, manage and disseminate online learning material to students across and beyond the student campus.
  • Financial
    Increasing industry and government regulations mean that all organisations need to develop a clear, comprehensive and flexible strategy for managing content and reducing risk.
  • Media and Publishing Solutions
    TV, newspapers and all types of media organisations need to reduce the cost of managing high volumes of content delivered through multiple online channels. NQcontent provides simplicity of content authoring and publishing and the ability to locate the right media assets for dynamic and interactive online publishing.
  • NQcontent Professional Services
    NQcontent is a versatile platform that can accommodate the web content management needs of any industry and any web application. Selecting the right web content management software for your web application is not enough. The end result of your web application may vary substantially depending on the project team involved in implementing the specific technical and functionality requirements.


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