NQcontent Government

NQcontent Government is a powerful Web Content Management System (CMS) that enables public sector organisations, from local authorities to central Government departments, to create websites, intranets, extranets and portals – easily, rapidly and cost-effectively.  

With government agencies required to publish information, offer services and transact with citizens online, NQcontent Government offers more out-of-the-box core functionality than any other CMS to enable the development of sites that:  

  • can be updated by multiple non-technical content authors  
  • provide timely and accurate information  
  • enable interactions such as bill payments, complaints and the completion of application forms online  
  • allow centralised control over content and presentation  
  • are compliant with eGIF, eGMF, accessibility and other standards  

A new approach  

NQcontent Government’s extensive out-of-the-box functionality is encompassed in a new approach for rapidly creating and deploying eGovernment websites, which has evolved through our partnership with public sector customers. At  Forest  of Dean District Council, for example, NQcontent enabled a new site to be developed and deployed in weeks rather than months, through simplifying the development and implementation processes.  

The core components of this new approach are:  

  • an out-of-the box set of templates that are pre-validated for AAA accessibility and are fully compliant with all browsers
  • out-of-the-box options for applying design elements, such as different types of layouts, page widths, headers, content areas layouts etc.  
  • a flexible mechanism that allows system administrators to choose the appropriate layout options to suit their needs and effect design changes without the need to alter code   
  • a flexible style sheet-based mechanism that allows recolouring of entire sites or sections within a site in less than 30 minutes   
  • the inclusion of all the meta-data standard interfaces - IPSV, LGNL etc.   
  • all sites come pre-populated with Local Government Services standard content structured in accordance with the Local Government Navigation list.  
  • pre-configured approval workflows typically used in Local Government.  

Time and cost savings  

This unique approach ensures both time and cost savings. The site design procedure (typically taking between 3-5 weeks for each site) can be cut down to between 3 and 7 days (depending on requirements). This is due to the fact that NQcontent now includes built-in interfaces for changing layout options and other design elements, therefore simplifying the development of a site's look and feel.

NQcontent Government’s out-of-the-box features include LGSL content and pre-configured workflows, GCL categorisation (Local Government Category Listing) and eGMS v2 Meta data tagging. LGSL and GCL is the recommended way to categorise information so that it is easily accessible, searchable and tagged for easy interoperability with other government systems.   

In addition, a powerful application development and integration framework means that NQcontent Government can integrate easily with other systems, such as financial or CRM, ensuring public sector organisations can achieve compliance with the eGovernment agenda

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