NQcontent Delivers Better Connected Council Websites

March 11th 2004 - The latest league table of 461 council websites provided by Business2www (www.business2www.com/) released on Feb 10th shows that only 5 council websites were error free. Among these was the NQcontent powered Orkney Islands Council www.orkney.gov.uk which was placed 11th overall in the league table. The league table measures website performance, accessibility, errors and a number of other factors.
Many Councils are aiming to be 'fully transactional' according to the SOCITM Better Connected guidelines www.socitm.gov.uk, nqcontent web content management is helping Councils meet these targets by providing its platform pre-loaded with the Government Category List (GCL) and the Local Government Category List (LGCL by the LAWS group) for ease of content classification, search and retrieval. 
Fully transactional government sites need to be accessible and provide online interactions with citizens such as online payments, applications. NQcontent's fully dynamic environment is an ideal platform for the delivery of these fully transactional environments.